Why Pest Control?

That’s easy! Just look around your house right now…we’ll bet, that if you walked around your house in less than ten minutes you can find multiple insects infesting and thriving in your home.

  • Spiders and spider webs
  • Ants – of various types crawling inside your home, and on or under the foundation
  • Termites – silently devouring the equity in your home
  • Cockroaches – living in the bushes that surrounds your property
  • Mosquitos and wasps – can be found around almost every home in your local area

And, these are just the insects. What about the pests residing in your closets, attic and garage? There is an unlimited opportunity waiting in almost every home, on every street, in every city of the United States!

It’s A $7.5 Billion Dollar a Year Industry!

Homeowners everywhere need our help and ValuePest.com franchise owners have made it their mission to provide the best service at the best prices in the industry. But, the demand is too large for us unless we expand into more local markets. That’s why we have created the perfect franchise for smart entrepreneurs. We call it the ValuePest System!

The ValuePest System!

Our unique franchise program combines the strength of our National Call Center Support Team with a motivated local franchise owner to get their business started faster, and cost effectively than they could ever do on their own.

You see, your business is already up and running. All we have to do is turn on the lights in your local area and begin booking jobs.

Here’s what we mean.

  1. ValuePest.com is already a national website. Your territory page can be live in less than 24 hours directing local traffic to your door.
  2. 1-866-366-8683 is already a national toll-free phone number.
  3. Our National Call Center Staff is already trained and standing by to take your calls.
  4. Local online marketing can be turned on in a few minutes and the calls can be coming in.
  5. Our experience has shown that when you get back from your ValuePest University Training you will already have customers to service.

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