Frequently Asked Franchised Business Questions

QWhat are the benefits of becoming a ValuePest Franchised Business owner?

ASome of the benefits include:

  • The right to use our federally trademarked name, ValuePest®.
  • An Primary Marketing Area that allows you to exploit the brand.
  • A step-by-step business model that will supercharge your business and make your business easy, lucrative and fun again.
  • Proven marketing systems that will get your phones ringing quickly with clients ready to spend money.
  • Ongoing support through by calling our toll-free hotline 1-866-DON’T-OVERPAY.
  • Direct access to experienced support personnel with years of pest management industry experience.
  • A franchise team atmosphere where you can connect with other franchise owners who will always be on your side to share their experiences and tips on the best ways to grow your ValuePest

QWhat are my start-up costs?

ALow-risk, high-ROI, service-based franchise opportunities are in high demand, and ValuePest is one of the best low-risk, high-return opportunities out there.

We estimate your total start-up costs will be between $12,625 to $45,000. But, in the end, how much you invest is up to you.

QHow hard is it to qualify for a ValuePest franchise?

AYou need to be financially stable. Generally this means that you have the funds necessary to buy or lease your truck and equipment, cover your initial operating costs as well as your personal expenses for the first few months. The amount varies from market to market.

You don’t need to be rich to buy a ValuePest franchise, but as with any business, you need to have adequate funds to get the business started and give it time to grow.

QCan I operate a ValuePest franchise from my home?

AYes. Most franchisees start by working out of their home. Since all of the telephone calls go through our National Call Center there really is no need until you begin hiring service techncians.

QHow do I learn more about the ValuePest franchise opportunity?

AMost prospective franchises have found that the best approach is to talk with current ValuePest franchise owners. These people, at one time faced the same decision you are facing. Keep in mind that they have nothing to gain by misleading you. They are free to speak openly about their business. Of course, they will not share trade secrets or confidential information. A good question to ask might be, “If you had it to do over again, would you make the same decision?”

QWhat are the qualifications for a ValuePest franchise?

AYou must be willing to work hard to achieve your dreams, have a personal credit score of 625+, be able to purchase your vehicle and equipment, liquid assets of $15,000; and a net-worth of $30,000. Pest Control experience is helpful, but not required.